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Landry | Newborn Photographer in McKinney

A Precious Baby Girl! This session is extra special to me as I’ve had the honor to take newborn photos for their first baby too. They had a boy first and now a sweet baby girl…Landry!  They are close in age as some of you can absolutely relate and I’m sure will be the closest of friends as they both grow together as brother and sister. It’s not always easy getting sibling photos but we try our very best to get them in the beginning of the shoot and then focus the rest of our attention on the newest addition.  We included mint in several of the images to coordinate with Landry’s nursery. And what’s more precious than a Newborn Smile?  This first image is my Favorite!

I can’t wait to take Landry’s 6 month and 1 year session as her mom always chooses my Belly to Baby Plan. I just love watching these tiny babies grow in to fun little toddlers with such a personality.


Giada | Newborn Photographer in McKinney

Take a look a Baby Giada’s newborn photos. Isn’t she a beauty?  The ones of Mama and baby take my breath away, I love them so much.  She enjoyed being wrapped up and was a joy to photograph.  Getting newborn snuggles and making mom and dad’s face light up while seeing their precious bundle in their first photo shoot is priceless.  I look forward to taking more images of baby Giada as she grows because we all know how quickly they grow out of this newborn stage.  One of the many reasons I absolutely love capturing these very early days of a precious new life.  

Please email me to book your newborn session and ask about the special mini maternity add on.  I’m now currently booking newborns into the fall and always encourage moms to book their  session during their pregnancy.  The best time to capture newborn photos is between day 5-10! Please contact me through my website or email me at I look forward to hearing from you!


Newborn Session Information – McKinney

 Newborn Session Information – 2014 | brooke richardson photography

Thank you so much for your interest in Brooke Richardson Photography.   Custom newborn photography is like no other type of photography.  It is an art all on its own and requires a huge investment in trust in the photographer you choose who will be handling and caring for your baby during their session.   Its my honor and hope to not only create these special memories forever but to also create works of heART that will be heirlooms to future generations.  The actual session is only the beginning of creating these precious memories; after your session I will spend an extensive amount of time selecting and editing the best images to showcase in your gallery.  I can say without a doubt that working with newborns is my passion. I’m so excited that I know can capture all my newborn sessions in my in home studio unless families are wanting a lifestyle shoot and in that case I would travel to your home.

I am a professional photographer serving the McKinney/North DFW area.  I specialize in custom portraiture of newborns and my studio is located just 30 minutes north of Dallas in McKinney.

About Me:

I really have the 2 best jobs in the entire world. I’m the mom to 2 beautiful boys who are growing entirely way to fast and a photographer specializing not only in newborns but I also love photographing children and families as well.  I’m beyond blessed and I do not take for granite this wonderful opportunity and talent that I’m able to use to create happy long lasting memories.

I graduated from the University of North Texas in 2006 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design.  I worked at an Interior Design firm for 2 1/2 years before I had my first son.  After that the rest was history, I didn’t want to miss a single moment from my son and quickly thereafter photography went from a hobby to passion of mine.  I began taking photography classes and trying to absorb and learn everything I could to turn this passion into a thriving photography business.  My background in Interior Design has really helped me show my clients all the wonderful possibilities and creative options they have to display their art in their home.

What to expect from me and important information:

This is without a doubt my passion to capture newborns.  I tend to use neutral tones but love having some pops of color as well.  Props can really add something special or fun to a photo but I never want to take away from the baby.  I spend a lot of time getting the baby posed just right with safety always at the highest priority.  I want your baby to be comfortable and look peaceful while I’m creating art for your family.

When you arrive for your session, it will be about 80 degrees in the studio. Its warm so dress in layers:)Be prepared to sit back and relax.  I like the baby to get used to me and my voice so I will undress them and soothe them if needed.  I will also have some white noise in the background  which helps keep the baby nice and relaxed. The best thing mom and/or dad can do its just take it easy and not stress if your baby doesn’t go to sleep right away.  Your babies can definitely sense their parents emotions.   I ask that mom will feed the baby right when she arrives so their tummy is nice and full.  Be prepared the baby will more than likely soil on some of my props and that is perfectly okay. I wash everything so its no big deal. It happens almost every session.

Be prepared to spend 3 hours at my studio.  I really want to perfect each pose and create beautiful and unique images for your gallery. Even with a baby that is a great sleeper, it can take up to 3 hours.  This also allows for feedings and soothing back to sleep as well. Having a bottle on hand or the flexibility to nurse when needed is extremely helpful.


Booking your Session- Please book your session while you are still pregnant to ensure you get a spot on my calender. I only take on so many newborn sessions each month.  As soon as your session is booked, I will send you lots of helpful information to help prepare for the session.

The best time to photograph your newborn is within the first 2 weeks of age and I really think the prime time is between day 7-10.  I do not turn down older babies but they tend to be less pose able and are more alert during the session.  All babies are different and their little personalities start very early:)

I do welcome Sibling and Family photos however I ask that sibling photos are done at the beginning or end of the session as they tend to become bored and irritated sitting through a 3 hour session.

I supply A LOT of props but you are welcome to bring anything that you would like:)

I take Pride in my work and only shoot with top of the line equipment.  In my studio, I do use studio light so I can get even light for each image and I don’t have to worry about outside weather conditions.  In addition to classes, reading, online workshops and more I attended a highly noted newborn workshop last year in North Carolina and look forward to another this fall in Tulsa.  I’m always looking to better myself as a photographer and further my education to give my clients the finest custom portraiture for their newborn babies.

Frequently asked questions:

Q.  There seem to be a lot of photographers who say they “specialize” in newborns. Should I just look for the one with the best prices?
 Price is always at the forefront of any consumers mind, but you have to remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” Going with the least expensive photographer is not a good way to determine who will take your baby’s portraits. Most often the least expensive photographer is also the least experienced photographer. You have to remember; this photographer will be handling, posing, and soothing your baby. It’s not just about taking the pictures, it’s making sure you are working with someone who a) knows how to appropriately handle newborns in general, b) considers the safety of your baby first and c) will provide you with a beautiful final product.

Q.  What should I look for in a newborn photographer?
 The most important thing is for you to look through their portfolio for certain criteria.

1.  The pictures should be classic and timeless in nature.

These portraits will hopefully be an heirloom you will pass on to future generations.  Pictures that show off the latest fads and trends will look dated in a few years.

2.  The baby should be the focus of the portraits.

When you look through the pictures, ask yourself “What is the first thing I notice?”  Are you marveling at how precious the baby is, or finding yourself distracted amidst scenes of fake flowers, huge headbands, tutus, stuffed animals etc.?

Often, the less “stuff” or props that are in the pictures, the better the photographer is.  They have the ability to skillfully pose your baby so that he/she is the sole focus of your portraits.

3.  The baby should look comfortable, relaxed, and peaceful in the portraits.

As in all portraits, the facial expression is very important.  Newborns are so pliable and can be put into all kinds of amazing positions in their first couple weeks of life.  A skilled photographer will be able to pose the baby tucked with their feet up by their chin, accompanied by a peaceful, sleepy – even sometimes smiling face.

Q. Why do you recommend newborns to be photographed before two weeks of age?
A. Babies older than two weeks of age are alert longer and do not fall into that deep, deep sleep.  Colic may become evident as well as baby acne after the 2 week mark.

Q.  My friend just has some great Christmas pictures done of her family.  She said the photographer does newborns too.  Would she be a good choice? 

A. Maybe. Maybe not.  The fact that your friend had a positive experience with this photographer is definitely a plus! However, newborn photography is its own special breed of photography. And it’s not for every photographer. I’ve done every other kind of portraits – kids, families, seniors, weddings – and I can say that, in comparison, newborn photography requires a completely different learning curve and skill set than the other types of photography. The most important thing you can do as a consumer is to look specifically at their newborn portfolio.  Just because someone is an awesome photographer, doesn’t mean they are an awesome “newborn photographer”.

Q. How long have you been photographing newborns?
A. 2 years.  I have a lot of experience from having 2 children of my own and patience with babies. My motto is safety first.  I will never put your newborn in an unsafe pose/prop.

Q. What equipment do you use?
A. Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm 1.2L, 100mm 2.8L and 24-70 2.8L

Careful consideration has been given to price so I am able to offer each and every client the very best customer service, creativity for your session and most importantly, a great experience.

Newborn Session Fee : $200

The Session Fee is due at time of booking and a minimum of a $200 purchase is required.


Photographer’s time and creative talent *Usually around 3 hours for newborn session

Custom editing of images

20+ images in online gallery available for 2 weeks

Custom slideshow with all your images created to music


*Your very own Session Premiere will take place in your home or mine as we enjoy dessert, I will present your custom slideshow to music.  In this slideshow you will be seeing all your images for the first time, but do not worry I always post some sneak peeks within 24-48 of your session.  I will go over all the fine art products that I carry and bring lots of samples for you to see. I offer 3 amazing collections as well a la carte so its all very customizable.

*Collections offer significant savings and your Session fee gets applied to the either of the 3 collections

*Mounted Prints begin at $35

*Digitial Files are available

Please Contact Brooke at for Collection Details and A La Carte Pricing or if you have any other questions at all:)






McKinney Newborn Session – Rylynn

This Newborn Session was so exciting for me for multiple reasons.  For One, I love taking newborn photos and I had a few props I really wanted to try out on this lovely baby girl.   Secondly,  the Mother of this darling little angel is my dear cousin so I was overjoyed to shoot this session for Hailey and her daughter Rylynn.  Thirdly, this was the first session done in my brand new “In home” studio here in McKinney.  It is not completely finished but its getting there, I will post pictures of the studio once it is complete.:)

I could not have been happier with these images and especially love how beautifully the black and white images really reflect the emotion between a mother and her newborn child.  The mom prefered the more muted tones so the natural beauty could really shine through.  Little Rylynn was such an awesome little sleeper too which is always great!  I think it really helps when moms and dads stay cool, calm and collected and Rylynn’s parents did just that!

Again I’m so blessed to call this my Job, it is a true honor to be able to freeze these moments in time that always fly by so quickly.


Newborn Mother & Newborn Newborn Newborn Mother and Baby Newborn


Are you expecting a baby? If so, you should definitely check out the BRAND NEW “Belly to Baby Plan.”  The first 5 to book will receive a $100 Print Credit!!!






Introducing the Belly to Baby Plan

Nothing says love like expecting moms, cooing, cuddly newborns, bouncy baby bundles and toddlers on the move.  Combining the beauty of new life with stunning photography, Brooke Richardson Photography, now offers timeless art and keepsakes from a trio of these special milestone moments in our exclusive Baby’s First Year package.  Be one of the first 5 moms to sign up for this new package and receive a $100 print credit!!!

black and white maternity portrait in mckinney


While maternity portraits are an optional part of the plan, a good number of our expectant clients choose to capture this changing phase of their lives – and for good reason.  Those fond memories of motherhood begin before birth while mom is still feeling refreshed, beautiful and excited about the joy of her new arrival.  For the perfect maternity session, we recommend scheduling during your seventh month.  We can also complete your studio consultation for your upcoming newborn session at this time.  Not only will we flatteringly pose you to capture you at your best, for that extra touch of glamour, we can even recommend a wonderful hair and makeup artist for your session.  Finally, we take the greatest care to ensure your comfort and pictures that share your inner glow.

belly to baby plan portraits


Because this magical stage of life passes in the blink of an eye, newborn portraits are captured during the first two weeks of life while your little on is still well-fed, sleepy and content.  Brooke Richardson Photography will keep your due date on file and stay in touch with you as the exciting day approaches, making adjustments to fit you in at just the perfect time.

Don’t forget to reserve your gorgeous custom baby announcements a la carte to share your own new work of art with the world!

six month photoshoot in the baby to belly plan

Six Months

When baby is ready for sitting but not yet on the go, we will capture him/her at the roly-poly happy phase, when those big grins and belly laughs are lighting up your life.  Sitting babies make the absolute best models, since they cannot crawl away and are easily amused with peek-a-boo and squeaky toys. Portraits at this stage capture the beginnings of those dynamic personalities that will be with you forever, and give a glimpse into a small person interacting with their environment as only those small bundles of delight can.

one year photo shoot as part of the belly to baby plan

One year

With a penchant for partying and hands ready to dive into that birthday cake, the first birthday is a greatly anticipated milestone in every family.  At this age, your toddler will be interacting in lots of fun ways which sometimes leave even parents in need of a nap.  Standing, walking and ready to take on the world, we document that infectious energy and charisma that brings so much light (and sometimes surprise) into your life.  There is also an optional $50 upgrade for a cake smash to be included with his/her one year photos.  At the end of this session, we will create your much anticipated art collage with images from baby’s three sessions throughout the year!

Now is also the perfect time to create a custom Baby’s First Birthday Party invitations!  A special order for a special person, invite family and friends to see how far baby has come his or her first year.

cake smash add on photos for belly to baby plan

The Plan $500

Included with this year-long package are three custom photo sessions which document your child as a newborn, at about six months (when baby is able to sit up) and at his or her first birthday while an optional maternity session and cake smash can be added for a simple $50 upgrade.  After each portrait session you’ll enjoy one of our session premiere’s which is a live presentation of the best images from your session.  At the viewing session, Brooke or an interior portrait consultant will help guide you through image selection and give their expert advice on how to decorate using your families treasured artwork in your space.  A decadent dessert is provided as well as discounted pricing to enjoy for that night only.

At the end of the first year, you will be able to choose from three (or four with maternity) stunning sessions and receive a 10×20 custom designed storyboard highlighting your favorite image from each session or a $175 credit towards wall art.  You’ll also receive a custom slideshow of your images set to music after all the sessions are complete.  What better way to remember Baby’s First year than to capture these special milestones in a year of whirlwind changes!

For more information, visit our Belly to Baby plan page!

Contact us today to reserve your spot!  We only take a limited number of due dates per month.  AND, the first 5 moms to sign up for this new package will receive a $100 print credit!!!